2016 Dumpster Fire Christmas Ornament


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Last-minute addition to The Bark Shop. Our first official Christmas ornament: the 2016 Dumpster Fire. Handmade by Gemma, so supplies are limited.

Something to encompass the entirety of this year. In Christmas future, something to remind you of the flaming garbage pile that was 2016. I can see it now: every December from now until forever, decorating the tree, you unwrap this, and as you hang it on the branch, you silently shake your head in nostalgic disbelief.

  • Individually handmade (each is unique, so expect slight variations)
  • Felt, thread stitching, ribbon loop
  • Approximately 4″x4″ (not counting ribbon loop)
  • Best felt-based representation of a dumpster fire west of the Mississippi

Full disclosure: we’re totally stealing this idea from someone else. She’s not selling them, so we figured we would. If you are crafty, here is a full run down on how to make your own.